Tiny Tot Agora

Our products are designed to reflect our unique point of view, our style, make the little stuff better, and we don’t stop until we get it right.
Tiny Tot Agora was established in 2019, focusing on designing convenient, practical and fashionable baby products. They are more than just bags, they are unique artistic elements, statement fashion pieces, full of simplicity and practicality, each with a soul.


We all know the added set of responsibilities and changes a newborn brings to your lives. Fortunately for you, fear of deteriorating fashion sense is not one of them. The arrival of your baby doesn’t necessarily mean the downfall of your future to bulky clothes and even bulkier baby bags.In this era of style, no parent would want to be caught dead with those pink, monstrous baby travel bags. Keeping that in mind, we present to you, the versatile range of baby diaper bags, an epitome of fashion and utility—helping you address the wants of today’s on-the-go busy parents


Pack like a pro: our backpacks will change the way you travel forever! Introducing a new backpack with expandable capacity. Keep it simple when you need it, and expand it when you shop. Our customers use this bag for travel or shopping, or as a gift for relatives at Christmas or birthdays.


Fit everything you need, all in one bag! Our bigger bags have larger-capacity pockets than other bags out there, and yes, the side pockets will fit that favorite large insulated cup! Plus, our organizer insert and packing case system mean all the little things don’t get lost in a bottomless pit.

At Tiny Tot Agora, we are fully dedicated to promoting anti-racism and inclusivity.

Our mission revolves around establishing a nurturing and all-embracing community for parents of diverse backgrounds. Equally important, we strive to foster a supportive and inclusive environment for our Tiny Tot Agora team members.

We firmly believe that actively combating racism is an ongoing journey rather than a destination. For us, being actively anti-racist entails:

Educating our employees and equipping them with the tools to challenge microaggressions, as language plays a crucial role in fostering a sense of belonging. Creating a secure space for individuals to explore their own blind spots and confront the prejudices ingrained by a society marked by racism. Making a commitment to confront and address our personal biases and those of those around us. Constructing our company's programs and processes in a manner that identifies and rectifies biases, as well as unintended impacts on underrepresented groups. Leveraging our influence and resources to support endeavors that contribute to anti-racist initiatives beneficial to our users and communities. We are resolute in dismantling systemic racism that may seep into corporate structures:

Our managerial candidate selection process prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion aptitude, ensuring that every team member has a manager who fosters their sense of belonging. Candidates not aligned with this stance will not be hired. We explicitly articulate our anti-racist standpoint within our onboarding program to establish clarity on our principles. Annually, we conduct team surveys to comprehensively gauge inclusivity and feelings of belonging at Tiny Tot Agora. The effectiveness of our DEI programs is continually assessed, allowing us to gauge their impact and set objective goals to rectify any shortcomings if necessary.